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Peckham Heroes celebrates Peckham’s historical and famous residents in a lively and innovative new artwork where the Peckham Space gallery at the University of the Arts in London is transformed into a warm, relaxed and sociable space that encourages active participation.

Celebrated artist Jessica Voorsanger has transformed the space into a drop in day-time karaoke bar dedicated to ten personalities that have a connection with Peckham. These heroes range from Rio Ferdinand to John Galliano and have been chosen by local young people from the Harris Academy who have worked with Voorsanger on the project.

This interactive exhibition will invite visitors to participate in the Peckham Heroes karaoke. Visitors can dress up in one of the bespoke costumes and wigs made by the artist and perform their heroe’s theme song on a specially constructed stage. For those that prefer to watch there is an opportunity to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, where they can have a cup of tea or coffee and view the artwork including portraits, costumes and both live and recorded performances. A video work featuring the artist and a range of other performers will be projected when live performances are not taking place.

The Peckham Heroes are: Ashley Walters (actor & musician: So Solid Crew, Adulthood); Boris Karloff (actor, Frankenstein); Jo Brand (Comedian); John Galliano (Fashion designer); Chris Eubank (boxer); Mary Phillip (International footballer); Michael Caine (actor: Alfie, The Italian Job); Rio Ferdinand (International footballer); Olivia Coleman (actress: Peep Show, Rev); Thomas Tilling (inventor of the bus stop as part of his major horse-bus service which commenced in Peckham).
creativeboom.co.uk – Peckham heroes

Olivia Colman Online


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