Olivia Colman Online

I have updated the main site Olivia Colman Online with news that Olivia will be starring in a new 6 part TV series called “twenty twelve” which will center around the people making the 2012 Olympics happen. It will co-star Vincent Franklin, Hugh Bonneville, Karl Theobald, Jessica Hynes, and Amelia Bulmore. The programme will be shown as a part of the autumn/winter schedule on BBC4:

bbc.co.uk – twenty twelve news
morethanthegames.co.uk – twenty twelve news

BBC4 is also working on a TV pilot of the amazing radio play that starred Olivia Dirk Gently holistic detective agency. As yet they have not announced who will be in the pilot but here is hoping Olivia will be!
spoilertv.com- Dirk Gently news


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