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I have updated the main site Alan Tudyk Online with news of a new film called First Platoon I received this email today:
Alan Tudyk has signed on to lead the cast of zombie comedy First Platoon as ‘Rock Brannigan,’ leader of a ragtag squad of zombie hunters in the post apocalyptic Southwest.
Tudyk is well known for his portrayal of quirky, often comedic characters, including ‘Tucker’, in the 2010 Sundance hit Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, ‘Wat’ in A Knight’s Tale, ‘Steve the Pirate’ in Dodgeball: An Underdog’s Story, ‘Gerhardt’ in 28 Days, ‘Sonny’ in I, Robot, and ‘Jack’ ( the executive), in the Judd Apatow directed comedy Knocked Up. In the critically acclaimed Death at a Funeral, Tudyk was especially notable as the nervous fiance’, who, inadvertently drugged with an hallucinogenic rather than the Valium he expected, makes a muck-up of the titled funeral, but perhaps his most beloved role to date is that of ‘Wash,’ pilot of Serenity in the Joss Whedon TV cult hit Firefly and the subsequent film Serenity.
Along with squad members Arron Shiver and Jennifer Skyler, Tudyk will undergo military style desert training with Capt Dale Dye, accomplished actor and military advisor on Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, The Pacific and more, before filming begins.
Joining him in the cast are Malcolm McDowell as ‘Rex Necro,’ Sid Haig as ‘Pa Jericho,’ John Kassir as ‘Burke,’ while Arron Shiver and newcomer Jennifer Skyler round out the zombie hunting team of ‘Rock Brannigan,’ ‘Molly Mcguire,’ and ‘Pete Davis.’
Writer/director Chris Gabriel has previously teamed up with First Earth Films on “S4”, an ultra low budget 1950’s style sci-fi comedy, and will also direct “Raggedy Anne,” an action/comedy, in late 2011.
First Platoon is set for release in Spring or early Summer 2011.

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