Michael Rosenbaum Online

Though not an interview with Michael, in this interview with Tom Welling mentions his feelings about Mike returning to Smallville:

“I want to see Lex [Luthor],” said Welling. “I want to see him come back. In the show, he’s still alive. He’s just not around. But I want to see Michael [Rosenbaum] and I want to see Lex Luthor. I want to know how that relationship really turns out. Because that’s the big relationship that I believe propelled Clark to become Superman.”

The first hints of Lex Luthor’s survival appeared in the “Justice Society” episode by comic scribe Geoff Johns — in addition to further hints in last week’s season finale. However, Michael Rosenbaum has already publicly stated that he will not return to “Smallville” to reprise his role.”

splashpage.mtv.com – Tom Welling interview


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