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I have updated the main site Michael Rosenbaum Online with a posting at the IMDB message board that I hope all fans of Smallville and Lex Luthor read and learn from. Michael will always have support here and so will Lex:
“Bottom line, you don’t know Michael. You don’t know what he’s like as a person, you don’t know what his true feelings are towards Smallville, and whether or not he has ever been willing to return. You don’t know the circumstances behind his apparent final decision to finally say no to coming back.

You posts about him in this thread have been nothing short of insulting.

He gave his all to the show for 7 years, and had to put up with a lot more crap than the rest of the cast. The only person who really had a tougher work schedule for most of the series run was Tom.

He was originally contracted for 7 years, which meant even if he wanted to leave the show earlier, it wasn’t an option. When his contract was wrapping up, he entered negotiations with the network to come back. He entered them in good faith, but unfortunately an agreement couldn’t be reached, so Michael moved on. The writers and producers had ample time to prepare for Lex’s departure, but I think they were holding onto th belief that he’d be back, and they painted themselves into a corner.

He has spent the last two years recovering from major lower back surgery (which was actually to fix a problem that had already been worked on, but was buggered up from work he had to do in the show in season 7), as well as developing his own projects. He’s got the pilot he’s shooting for SyFy this year, which is a show he created, as well as other film and television projects he’s been working on.

In that time, Smallville has approached him to return as Lex a few times. Again, Michael was open to the idea, but an agreement couldn’t be reached that was mutually beneficial to both parties. Shaving his head is not an option for him, as it takes too long to grow out, and limits his opportunities as an actor until it’s grown back.

Do we hope that an agreement can be reached to bring Michael back in season 10? Absolutely! I know everyone involved with the show are very fond of Michael, and would love to see him back. But, it has to be right for him too.

At the end of the day, the network is just as much, if not more so responsibe for Michael not having returned to Smallville.

Lacroix at IMDB

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