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I added to the main page Michael Rosenbaum Online with an article James Gunn wrote about spending his birthday with Mike, I have also updated the quotes page and we have a new affiliate so check them out:

JamesGunn.com – how I spent my birthday
Beverley Matthews

Here’s a Stern question for you: who are your celebrity friends (as in celeb friends you hang out with/talk to on a regular basis)?
Michael Rosenbaum, Nathan Fillion, Linda Cardellini, Michael Rooker, Elizabeth Banks, Jimmy Urine from MSI, Chantal Claret from Morningwood… mmm… who else?… There’s more I’m sure. Anyway, those are a few of my close friends who are celebrities of one type or another.
Do you and Michael Rosenbaum ever walk your dogs together? Do Von Spears and Irv get along?
We are afraid to introduce Irv and Von Spears as there is a good chance they will fight. Von Spears is small but scrappy.
How did you become friends with Michael Rosenbaum?
We rode a plan back from Vancouver one day and sat next to each other and have been best of friends ever since.
(Thanks to Tasabian on livejournal for the link)
James Gunn answers fans questions


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