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I just added a cool article to I found where a fan has compared the version of ‘Death at a funeral’ Alan Tudyk was in with the remake.

“In 2007 talented director Frank Oz (and voice of Fozzy Bear) released a brilliantly funny British farce called Death at a Funeral in America. No one saw it. Except me that is. I showed up at an empty theater and watched it, laughing my ass off, all alone. A day later its theatrical run was over, it never had a chance. Because it wasn’t ever really marketed, Frank Oz’s farce never found an audience. Instead it ended up on our list of the most overlooked movies of the decade. Now only three years later, Sony’s remaking it.

It’s not as if the original movie was inaccessible. Sure most of the actors were British, but as Americans, we speak the same language. No subtitles required. But now Death at a Funeral has been repurposed as a Chris Rock vehicle and so in an effort to understand why I’ve decided to let both versions duke it out, head to head, in a scene by scene comparison.

The scenes used below were chosen not by me, but by Sony, based on the clips they’ve released from their new movie to the press. This should then, in theory, give Death at a Funeral 2010 the advantage since Sony has chosen the scenes they’d most like to represent the new movie and I’m forced to simply pull the equivalent scene out of the original film regardless of whether it’s a good representation of Frank Oz’s work or not. Game on.”

Check out the full article:


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